AMINA™ trademark has been operating since 1995. Today, our company has achieved great success: AMINA™ is a well-known trademark of men's underwear sets. A distinctive feature of our company is that we produce knitted fabrics and complete the sale of the finished product. In our Men's Underwear range, you will always find everything you need for a modern person: singlets, sleeveless, briefs & boxers and more underwear. They are made of aesthetic appearance, comfortable and natural cotton.

         Production facilities of the company, in the factories of which modern equipments from world manufacturers are installed, including Taifan knitting machines, Juki, Brother, Siruba sewing machines and Malkan ironing machines, allow us to present up to 30 tons of fabric and 150-250 thousand knitted goods to consumers per month.The AMINA™ brand has received widespread recognition due to the high quality and aesthetics of products. Men's underwear from AMINA™ perfectly fits to the body and is hygienic due to the use of high quality natural raw materials in it's production.All manufactured products are made from natural material - cotton grown on the fertile fields of our country.

       Our company always supports and carries out regular production of advanced production technology. The company continues to follow the latest trends in the fashion industry, but also regularly carries out perspective development. Our knitted products under the new brand such as: «ARK LIBOS» and «FEEL FREE» are already in demand from buyers in both the domestic and foreign markets.